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President Mnangagwa is the sole 2023 Zanu PF flag bearer

Constatino Chiwenga expresses satisfaction about Mnangagwa 2023 candidacy [Image: @chiwengaconstatino/Twitter]
Zimbabwe—President Mnangagwa is Zanu PF’s sole candidate in the 2023 harmonized elections, according to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

He spoke while addressing villagers, seed houses, and fertilizer manufacturers attending the official launch of the 2021 Pfumvudza at Nenyuka primary school in Gokwe Kabuyuni constituency, Gokwe North.

“At the just-ended National People’s Conference in Bindura, the ruling party resoundingly endorsed President Mnangagwa as the sole candidate for the 2023 harmonized elections. No other thought or candidate will be entertained as that is the party’s position,” he said amid applause from people.

“Everyone everywhere is aware that present Mnangagwa is the sole presidential candidate for 2023. He is the only one we all stand with. So don’t dream of other things.”

VP Chiwenga who is also the minister of Health and Child care also took the time to announce a new slogan in line with vision 2030.

While introducing President Mnangagwa to the podium, VP Chiwenga said: “I will say, a country is built by its own people.”

He said only Zimbabweans can build a Zimbabwe of their choice.

VP Chiwenga said it is the duty of every Zimbabwean to work towards a better country.

“Let’s all work hard on the land so that we can have surplus cereal and export. We can do it if we work together and embrace these governments’ programs. With present Mnangagwa we will get there,” he said.

“We thank God for giving us a leader who is God-fearing in how he treats the people and how he wants to see them empowered through such vital programs. We are the only people capable of developing our country. President Mnangagwa has given us direction to improve as we go towards 2030.”

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