PSquare conveying signals of truce ahead of their 40th birthday

Peter and Paul Okoye [Image: @petersquare/@Iamkingrudy/Instagram]
Nigeria—It is no news that the Okoye brothers have been at loggerheads for a very long time.

The rumors of their split first made headlines in 2015 but by 2017 it became apparent that the center could no longer hold.

This did not however happen without the brothers dragging each other on social media.

From Instagram shade to Twitter slamming and even the viral video of the brothers almost exchanging blows at their lawyers’ office to insulting each other.

However, it looks like they may have called it a truce looking at the recent activities that transpired especially on social media.

However, on Saturday, Anita Okoye, the estranged wife of Paul, took to her Instagram page where she shared a video of her brother-in-law, Peter, taking her kids on a shopping spree in the United States of America.

When Peter and Paul put to halt their ounce admired band, PSquare a few years ago, a lot of ugly events followed. The brothers washed their dirty linen in public. It wasn’t a beauty to behold.

They unfollowed each other on social media and severed ties. They went on to start their solo careers. Well, it looks like we might have a typical PSquare hit song soon as they have both followed each other on Instagram.

For those unfamiliar with Jude Okoye, he is the eldest brother of the two. When the fight between Peter and Paul first started, Jude their older brother picked side with Paul.

In the now-famous video where the brothers almost went physical, it was a clear fight between Paul and Jude versus Peter. Peter had on several occasions called out on his elder brother over his involvement in their fight.