Ghana: “I sold my cars for a visa, my husband publicly shamed me” Nayas opens up on failed marriage

Nayas cries out about horrible relationship with her husband [Image: courtesy]
Ghana—“My marriage is in shambles”, Nayas admits. Popular Ghanaian actress, Nayas has narrated how her husband, Nana Sarfo plotted with some bloggers to humiliate and destroy her.

Nayas who admitted that she is indeed facing marital struggles amidst failed marriage rumors said her husband met with some bloggers and fed them with some sensitive information in the quest to embarrass her.

Nayas who has allegedly packed out of her husband’s home about a month now said in an interview with reporters how horrible her marriage ended.

“My husband sold me out to bloggers. He contracted some bloggers to embarrass me because he has nothing to lose. He had already damaged his named and tainted his reputation in Germany and now wants to spoil mine.

“Because of the issues between myself and Ernest Opuku, he has this mindset that nobody likes me so he just wants to completely finish me. I have been hiding our marital issues for a while now and I think it is enough and I need to come out.

“My husband is embarrassing me too much and I need to vindicate myself. For about four weeks now, I have vacated his house.”

Nayas added that she solely funded and went through the procedure of acquiring a visa before joining her husband in Germany.

“Obtaining a family reunion visa means I’m supposed to enroll in a German class for a year to pass the A1 German language course. But since I don’t want to sit and wait for a year my husband brought up a plan that I should resort to all shortcut means in getting a visa. I had to sell my cars to foot my bills before I joined my husband in Germany.”

“He hides my passport anytime we fight. He chased me out of his house four times. Anytime someone gives me money, he gets hold of it. He beats me at any given chance and almost poured a hot cup of tea on me.”

It can be recalled that Nayas tied the knot with her ‘Germany borga’ boyfriend at a private ceremony on September 20, 2019.