Uganda: Dr. Hamza gifts Rema Namakula a brand new Range Rover ride for giving birth to “Kasukuli”

Rema gifted a brand new Range Rover after giving birth to a baby girl [Image: courtesy]
Uganda—Sources gather that Dr. Hamza Sebunya has presented a new monster ride to his wife after giving birth to their first child, named Aalliya Sebunya.

According to close allied to Sebunya, this was an appreciation to Rema for having endured all the pain through her pregnancy and finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

It has been said that the car was a red range rover and was presented to the singer during their baby’s welcome home party.

It should be noted that the couple has children in their past relationships.

Rema Namakula bore a girl child, Aamal Mussuza during her relationship with singer Eddy Kenzo.

Kenzo claimed that being a Muslim, if he is to marry he will settle with more than one woman.

“I cannot rule it out. If I say no, tomorrow I could get a second or third woman and you will return here to remind me that I said I will never. However, right now I have one and I am okay.

Rema’s mum, a veteran singer, Halima Namakula, expressed her disappointment in Kenzo and said he will grow up soon.

“I read in one of the tabloids the comments that were made by Kenzo. Of course, I didn’t believe it. I am disappointed but I am sure he will grow up.” She said.

Dr. Hamza Sebunya also has children with her ex-wife, Betty Bushira Bukenya