Reverend Charlotte Oduro wanted a divorce but I opposed—Apostle Solomon discloses

Rev Charlotte Oduro wanted divorce, but I denied her. Says Apostle Solomon [image: courtesy]
Ghana—Husband of marriage counselor Reverend Charlotte Oduro, Apostle Sacred Dr. Solomon Oduro, has revealed that his wife fought hard for divorce in the early days of their marriage.

He also commended her growth after the stormy trials of their marriage and her insight to use her experience as a testimony to build homes.

Speaking to Showbiz reporters, the founder of Royal Victory Family Chapel International spoke about the outspoken nature of his wife, Rev Charlotte Oduro, and her utterances regarding marital issues.

“Apart from the calling on her life, the experience is best. Before, she did not respect me, and she was being influenced by my own colleague pastors and she wasn’t ready to submit as a woman, and also she didn’t know who she was.

“If you are a man and a woman doesn’t appreciate you, it hurts. She wanted to divorce on so many occasions but I told her, no I won’t leave you.”

When asked why he refused to grant his wife a divorce, the clergyman stated that he swore to himself to intimately engage only one woman in his lifetime.

He said, “My spirit doesn’t like divorce, and I know how divorce is. And I have told myself that I would only marry and live with one woman. So my whole life I have only known one woman. Even if she still goes ahead and divo9rce me I prefer to be alone and focus on God’s work. And these principles helped me to pursue her all the time.

Apostle Oduro also acknowledged the need for their young marriage to have gone through all those trials. He believes their marital testimony will inspire others to hold fast to their convictions.

“So whatever she was doing, I wasn’t bothered. I have enough patience, I know how to endure, I know how to pray, how to survive the storm. God gave us the grace to pass the test so that another brother would be inspired by our testimony.”

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