Uganda: MC Kats initiates ‘King of the Mic Concert’ season two to advocate against HIV stigma

TV star MC Kats initiates efforts towards fighting HIV/AIDs stigma [photo: courtesy]
Uganda—With the world celebrating HIV/AIDS day on 1st December, Edwin Katamba a celebrated Ugandan MC, popularly known by his stage name MC Kats launched a concert christened “King of the Mic Season Two”. An event meant to commemorate the day and advocate against stigma directed to HIV patients.

Katamba, who is one the famous people in “the king of the Mic concert”, is a person living with HIV and he intends to use his experience to offer a  beam of hope to the infected and to inspire people into giving the necessary support to HIV patients.

Addressing Showbiz journalists, KATs revealed that ever since he was discovered to be HIV positive, he has been neglected and discriminated against immensely, however, he has ensured the pain.

Kats also disclosed that despite being positive, he has accomplished a lot in his career and even much as a parent.

“I have faced stigma and digested it. But I have a strong support system. I am happy that I have lived to see my firstborn turn 18.

“I have worked with all these TV stations and traveled the world. People think when you dine with a positive man, you get sick DJ Roja and the rest work with me, and they are negative,” Kats said.

According to Katamba’s close ally, who is also rumored to be his girlfriend, Caroline Marcah, it is the people around a positive person that cause suffering but not the disease.

“Most people are suffering but not because of HIV. They are suffering because of the people around them,” she added.

The artist declared his positive status two years ago, a step that shook the entertainment industry.