Zambian legislature chased out of parliament for wearing Muslim robe

MP bundled out of parliament for wearing Islamic robe [Image: courtesy]
Zambia—Lumezi Independent Member of Parliament, Hon. Munir Zulu was sent away from Parliament for wearing an outfit that allegedly breaches the parliamentary dress code.

Munir Zulu, who is a Muslim, was wearing an outfit known as the thobe.

Thobe attire is a long robe worn by Muslim men. The top is usually tailored like a shirt, but it is ankle-length and loose.

According to Zulu he had not breached any Parliamentary Dress Code as outlined in Standing Orders 206 where his outfit is listed in the category of African Togas and such outfits are allowed.

But first deputy Speaker, Hon. Attractor Malungo Chisangano sent the Lumezi lawmaker away.

A growing number of European countries have passed or are contemplating restrictions on religious dress in public places.

The impetus for these restrictions is the debate in Europe about the wearing of Muslim veils.

The debate reflects tensions in increasingly pluralist societies struggling with integration, national identity, and security.

While many of the proposed and adopted measures are purportedly neutral-banning all religious dress or symbols or face coverings on paper -the public and political debate have focused on the different veils worn by Muslim women: the hijab, or headscarf, which covers the hair; the niqab, which covers the face and neck, leaving the eyes visible; and the burqa, a full-face and body covering.

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