Rwanda: RURA warns retailers for hiking cooking oil

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority has cautioned retailers over hiking oil process [Image: courtesy]
Investigations are underway to prob companies raising the price tags of Liquified Petrolium gas following public uproar,  the the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has said.

The revelation came on Wednesday, January 5 by Ernest Nsabimana, the Director-General RURA in an interview with the press.

“We came up with the new prices after thorough assessment and consultations, however, some people failed to comply with it but we thank the consumers for reporting this issue whenever they are given cooking gas at the price higher than what RURA has recommended,” he noted.

These latest price tags were set at Rwf1, 260 per kilogramme from over Rwf1, 500 in some neighbourhoods.

However, some sellers in Gasabo district admitted that they are still selling Gas at the previous price saying that they still get it expensively from the wholesalers.

“Am aware of the new prices set by the government but it is hard for me to comply while I still get the gas at high prices from wholesalers claiming that they had a lot of gas in store which they bought at the old price and want to clear that stock,” one spoke.

Though other retailers are of a different opinions, a retailer in Nyarugenge district who said that the wholesaler has been complying with the new prices and they have also started selling it at the official prices.

“I think it’s is a choice (by some retailers) to increase the prices because the announcement was clear and from then the wholesalers reduced the prices and we are selling according to RURA’s prices and so far there is no loss,” he said

“Before I thought it was an issue in our neighbourhood but I’ve seen other people complaining on social media and some of my friends. We don’t know who to blame but all we ask for is a follow up on the government side to save us the final consumers,” another said.