Cameroonian legislator shot dead in restive Anglophone region

Protests erupt after a Cameroonian senator has been shot dead in the restive Anglophone region [Image: courtesy]
YAOUNDE, Cameroon— Henry Kemende, an established opposition doyen and legislature in Cameron was shot dead in the country’s North West region.

According to sources present at the scene, the senator was shot by suspected separatist fighters in the English-speaking city on Tuesday.

“The fighters shot him in the chest at close range,” said Jean Michael from Kemende’s Social Democratic Front political party.

Adding that  Kemende was then rushed to a hospital, where he was declared dead.

The country’s lawmakers and political figures castigated the killing, condemning separatists who are fighting to create an independent English-speaking state in the majority French-speaking nation.

Henry was elected a senator for the Social Democratic Front in 2018, has always blamed the government for not doing enough to solve the crisis.

“We shall miss the courageous, patriotic, and hardworking Cameroonian who spent his last four years advocating for the crisis in the English-speaking western regions to be solved,” spoke Denis Nkemlemo, spokesperson of the SDF party.

“We call on the government to immediately open investigations for his killers to be brought to book,” Tamfu a human rights lawyer said.

According to Cameroon’s military, two other people were also killed by separatists on Tuesday night, and three other civilians, including two women, abducted and taken to an unknown destination.

Though until now, separatists have not claimed responsibility for the abductions and killing, fighters have always threatened people they accuse of collaborating with Cameroon’s central government in Yaounde, asking them to resign.

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