South Africa: Pedestrian shot 8 times, succumbs to wounds

Pedestrian shot 8 times by unknown assailants [Image: courtesy]
DURBAN, South Africa— A road walker was allegedly killed in a shooting incident on Thursday evening in South Africa.

Prem Balram from Reaction Unit SA noted that the unidentified man was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting on Northside Drive in Caneside.

“Members of Reaction Unit South Africa arrived on scene at approximately 13:22 pm and found KZN VIP in attendance.

“A man was lying on the road bleeding excessively from his injuries. On examination, he was found to be shot at least eight times in the body and head. He succumbed to his injuries on scene.”

Adding that according to witnesses, four occupants of a silver Toyota Corolla opened fire on the pedestrian before they sped off leaving the victim for death.