Lesotho teams up with Saudi Arabia to beef bilateral ties

Matespo Ramakoae, Lesotho’s minister of foreign affairs [Image: matesporamakoae/Twitter]
Lesotho—Honourable Matespo Ramakoae, Lesotho’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations was received by the CEO of Saudi Fund for Development, Sultan bin Abdurrahman Al-Marshad in Saudi Arabia.

It was a session to discuss bilateral matters and a number of existing deals along with common interests between both Kingdoms.

During most of the post-World War II period, Africa and the Middle East have commonly been seen as two distinct regions separated less by geographic distance than by mutual neglect. To all appearances, this reciprocal ignorance has come to an end.

This can be observed most clearly on the African coast of the Red Sea, where Middle Eastern states are currently taking over a series of strategic ports for commercial or military purposes.

Likewise, it is here that Middle Eastern spats have already reverberated to such an extent that the African Union discussed the spilling over of Middle Eastern conflicts to its shores in January 2018.

During the meeting, they reviewed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts through the projects and development programs funded by the SFD in support of the Kingdom of Lesotho.

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