Former teacher opts to teach after losing parliamentary seat [Image: courtesy]
Uganda—Sarah Nakawunde Temulanda, a former Mpigi district lawmaker has opted back to her teaching career after losing her parliamentary seat.

The 59-year old teacher who was found teaching standard seven pupils at Mpigi primary school said teaching is what she was born for.

“Teaching is my calling, even when I was still young, I used to act as a teacher while playing our childhood games. So, teaching is in my DNA,” spoke Temulanda.

According to the teacher-cum-politician, while at Parliament, she used to spare time every month and conduct lessons at the school.
Ms. Temulanda says her main drive is to boost school enrollment and improve its performance.

The school has 560 pupils, a number, according to toi her is small compared to the figure the school had before Covid-19

The school’s director of studies, Umar Sekakozi characterized Temulanda as a good administrator.

“Of course, we don’t find any problem working with her [Temulanda] because she minds her business, after teaching she enters her office as a director. It is us who handle visitors and parents because that’s not her role,” he says.

Ms. Molly Kesiime, the headteacher, says Ms. Temulanda is a down-to-earth person and some visitors mistake her for ordinary staff.

“Our director is probably the most down-to-earth person I have ever met. She interacts with everyone and listens to staff concerns and addresses them accordingly,” she says.

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