Pakistan’s embassy in Uganda set to reopen

The Pakistan Embassy closed its doors in Uganda in 1997 due to financial constraints, and since then, people who are traveling to Pakistan have been processing their visas from Nairobi, Kenya. [Image: courtesy]
At the start of next month, the Pakistani government plans to reopen its embassy in Kampala. Mr. Agha Aslam, the coordinator of the Pakistan Association of Uganda, declared this on Sunday.

“In the first week of March, Pakistan’s High Commission in Uganda will reopen for business.” In an interview at the Lira Hotel in Lira City, Mr. Aslam said, “That is wonderful news for Ugandans.”

Mr. Irfan Wazir, the second-in-command at their Afghanistan Embassy in Kabul, will preside over the event.

Due to financial difficulties, the Pakistan Embassy in Uganda closed its doors in 1997, and since then, travelers coming to Pakistan have been completing their visas through Nairobi, Kenya.

“The embassy was closed in 1997 as a result of the Pakistani government’s need to cut costs. People have been obtaining visas to travel to Pakistan from the Pakistan High Commission in Nairobi, which is both costly and time-consuming,” Mr. Aslam explained.

He also stated that a group of about 25 Ugandan journalists will be visiting Islamabad for an exchange program.

“We will also assist Ugandan students in obtaining an education in Pakistan, and we will be sending 50 Ugandan students to study in Pakistan each year,” stated the Pakistan Association Uganda’s media coordinator.

In the next two years, he stated, Pakistani cardiac specialists from all over the world will be mobilized to come to Uganda and provide free medical care.

In Uganda, there are currently over 5,000 Pakistanis. 45 of them are involved in a variety of companies in Lira City.

Every year, Pakistanis contribute food and non-food goods to inmates at Lira jail, Ngetta Babies Home, and people with disabilities through their umbrella organization, Pakistan Association Lira.

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