Nigeria: “Boys deserve attention too”

The governor’s wife renovated the senior school dormitory, dining hall, and clinic of the model college, and donated some sporting items to senior and junior schools. [Image: @IbijokeSanwo-Olu/Twitter]
Nigeria—Mrs. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, the wife of Lagos State Governor, has stated that the boy-child equally deserves care.

She delivered the keynote address during a three-day residential program for roughly 160 boys from secondary schools, special correctional facilities, and orphanage homes.

The session, titled “The 21st Century Boy-Child: Creating a Vision for Transformation,” is part of her office’s “Boy-Child Initiative,” which aims to bring issues impacting boys to the forefront and give practical solutions.

According to Mrs. Sanwo-Olu, the program would create awareness about boy-child rights and welfare, promote educational possibilities for male children, assist vulnerable people’s rehabilitation through referrals, and transform male children in society.

“We want to catch our boys when they are young and involve them in the answers to the problems that our country faces.” There’s a lot going on in the world right now. We have youngsters committing suicide and teenagers participating in social vices, which is why, with this program, we have opted to prioritize issues affecting boys.”

Participants went to the Lagos State Agricultural Training Institute in Araga, Epe, to pique their interest in farming and agricultural value chains, and then to the Lagos State Model College in Badore, Ajah, for residential training.

‘Security and You,’ ‘Drug Abuse and Cultism,’ ‘Counselling and Mental Health,’ and so on, with sports like mini-football, table tennis, basketball, and board games.

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