Ukraine military plane with 14 aboard crashes

Imager: Courtesy

A Ukrainian military plane carrying at least 14 passengers crashed in the south of Kyiv on Thursday, emergency services said. The agency is still figuring out how many people died.

Hundreds of Russian servicemen are expected to have been killed in the incident, according to a Ukrainian defense spokesman. Ukraine’s border guard agency also claimed that Russia launched an attack on the country from Belarus.

A Russian plane was shot down over the Luhansk Region, according to the Ukraine Army.

Russia has also stated that it has destroyed military infrastructure at Ukraine’s air bases in order to ‘suppress’ the country’s air defenses.

Meanwhile, after President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine, Russia has taken control of two villages in Ukraine’s east.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin launched a military action in Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday which has been condemned by the United States and the European Union, who have imposed sanctions on Moscow.

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