Zambia: Government has no intention to legalize bigamy-Vice President

Zambia Vice President Mrs. Mutale Nalumango.

Zambia’s Vice President Mutale Nalumango, has refuted circulating misinformation on social media that the the government has no intention to legalise bigamy.

Speaking on Sunday when officiating the Reformed Church of Zambia (RCZ) Silverest congregation indication service in Chogwe, Nalumango said Zambia is a christian country is therefore permitting bigamy was not an option.

She explained that the reformists’ proposal was to remove bigamy from the Penal Code Act, not the Marriage Act.

“This is just a proposal to remove bigamy from the Penal code but leave it in the marriage Act, it is said that opposition political leaders have twisted it to suit their minds,” she stated.

Nalumango challenged government personnel to carry out their jobs in accordance with Christian principles since their authority derives from God.

The Vice President also recommended parents to take the time to understand their children’s needs and mental health in order to combat the rising number of suicides caused by depression.

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