About Zonk News

Zonk News is an online news publication whose mission is to Empower, Educate and Uplift Africa and its people. The publication brings various news and updates about entertainment, business, current affairs, lifestyle, sports, technology as well as live interviews.

The news publication is updated daily with breaking news and pertinent issues affecting Africans across the continent. Zonk News aggressively pursues the dissemination of timely and informative news articles on African topics, updates and events of interest to Africans while expanding the continent’s worldview, and giving voice to our peers. 

In Africa, a young generation is demanding to be heard. Young people frequently see decisions being made at the expense of their future. These and many other factors require a new kind of publication – one with the flexibility and trust of all stakeholders. One that can unite people who have the power to make a change to come to a universal agreement and, where appropriate, take decisive action towards building our beloved Africa.

Zonk News is a part of Chimphondah Media House, which houses Zonk MagazineZonk Radio, Zonk TV and Zonk Music.